Sanity not vanity

If you want PR that's rigorously targeted, and totally focused on delivering business growth, you should be talking to Acuity.

At Acuity we believe too much PR is focused on massaging egos and pandering to the vanity of individuals. To us this is not PR but publicity. It has no value. Instead we promote, and practice Sanity PR.

Sanity PR focuses on illustrating your position within the industry and your thoughts on the issues that matter most to your customers and prospects. We root our campaigns in your new business objectives to ensure PR adds value to your bottom line and tie our campaigns into your new business programme to maximise success.

What we think

  • PR is a tool with a job to do – all PR should help you win new business and help you grow
  • PR is not a numbers/volume game – yes not everything you do will stick but this is no excuse to not be targeted
  • You don’t need to hire an expensive firm to get results – it is the approach that is important
  • You don’t need to pay a large monthly retainer to get the best results – in fact we believe a lower retainer with a number of focused projects on top works best
  • One big splash is not enough – you need to keep front of mind, whether that is through four big projects or a drip feed of information
  • PR can be measured – trying to measure PR is not as easy as measuring other marketing disciplines but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and do it. If you set specific objectives at the start that reflect your new business objectives it becomes easier
  • PR is not all about press releases – press releases actually add little value and should always be a negligible part of your PR programme. Shouting about your news is still important but press releases need not be the way to do it!
Acuity (noun):

sharpness, acuteness, keenness, especially in vision or thought