How we measure success

Because our programmes are designed to drive your new business pipeline and bottom line, you ultimately hold the key measure of our success – the number of new leads/meetings that follow the PR programme. That being said, we will still use bespoke evaluation techniques to match and support your commercial objectives.

We believe measuring PR should NOT be about:

  • Media relations / coverage – this is just one part of PR so cannot be the only indicator of success
  • Outputs – activity does not reveal how PR is helping a business. What the activity and/or coverage achieved is the key
  • AVEs (Advertising Equivalents) – AVEs aren’t a good indicator of the value of your PR because AVEs focus on coverage (see point above) and the calculation process varies widely
  • Impressions – it doesn’t matter how many people see you/your message if they don’t do anything about it. Engagement is key
  • ROI in the traditional sense – creating value and ROI are not the same but both are valuable. Generating awareness creates value, for example, but may not immediately result in demonstrable ROI.

Instead, it should be about

  • Exposure – to what degree have we created exposure to content and message?
  • Engagement – who, how and where are people interacting/engaging with our content?
  • Influence – the degree to which exposure and engagement have influenced perceptions and attitudes
  • Action – as a result of the PR/social media effort, what actions if any has the target taken?
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