Who we do it for

Acuity started out working with the media, marketing and creative services industries to deliver PR programmes created around a new business agenda to drive commercial success. We’ve since taken the process into other areas where there is a strong sales agenda.

We also have extensive experience of running national, trade and digital campaigns for clients in the travel/tourism, FMCG, pharmaceutical & healthcare, public sector and not-for-profit sectors.

Should you be working with Acuity? If your answer to any of the below is yes then, yes you probably should be.

  • You want an agency to challenge you, not just say yes
  • You don’t want to pay a huge retainer and then scrabble around for content
  • You want to feel your PR has a purpose
  • You want to work with an agency that understands how new business works
  • You want to see a return on your investment, .ie.
    • You want more in-bound calls about new business
    • You want to be on more pitch lists
Acuity (noun):

sharpness, acuteness, keenness, especially in vision or thought